Aloe 'Christmas Sleigh'

Epitomizing the colors of the season from whence it gets its name, Aloe 'Christmas Sleigh' has rigid, deep green leaves replete with showy red spines along the margins, creating a unique and eye-catching contrast not seen in many other succulent varieties! Red bumps also dot the midline of each leaf, adding to the display of color, which can be made even richer through increased exposure to bright light and cool (but not freezing) temperatures. Reaching up to 5 inches tall and wide, with a growth pattern reminiscent of a starfish in its shape, ‘Christmas Sleigh’ makes the perfect focal point in any succulent arrangement or temperate rock garden.

As is typical for Aloe plants, this variety is very hardy, but requires porous soil in a well-draining pot in order to prevent root rot. In this same vein, be sure to water thoroughly only once the soil has become completely dry – the leaves beginning to soften slightly can also be a sign that a good drink is in order. Plenty of bright light with ample airflow will encourage offsetting and help maintain the plant’s brilliant color.

As an added bonus, a contented Aloe "Christmas Sleigh" will flower in the fall with reddish pink blooms.

**Please Note: This plant is not available for wholesale**