Aloinopsis 'Giant Jewel Plant'

Despite what its common name might suggest, Aloinopsis 'Giant Jewel Plant' is a petite succulent that will reach only a few inches tall and wide. A member of the msembs family, this ‘mimicry plant’ is well adapted to the harsh landscapes of its native South Africa, where its clusters of spoon-shaped green leaves, dotted with tubercles around the margins, allow it to blend in seamlessly with the rocky ground. Full sun will encourage ‘Giant Jewel Plant’ to reach its full potential, stressing to shades of blue, brown, or even gray. 

Like many msembs, ‘Giant Jewel Plant’ will put on growth and send up pale yellow, honey-scented flowers during the winter months, slipping into a state of dormancy during the summertime. While care must be taken not to overwater this succulent all year round, it is especially critical during the summer – indeed, it is possible not to water at all during this time, provided the plant is shielded from excessive heat. During the active growing season, water thoroughly only when soil is dry all the way through and provide ample airflow in order to avoid issues with dampness and rot – porous soil with adequate drainage will take care of the rest!

Hardy only to Zone 10, ‘Giant Jewel Plant’ must be protected from frost.