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Aloinopsis schooneesii


Sometimes referred to as ‘Living Stones,’ the irregular rosettes of this unique South African succulent feature flat-topped leaves textured with tiny bumps across the upper surface. Bluish green in typical lighting conditions, the chubby leaves will flush shades of pink or even purple in more direct sunlight, adding to the appeal of the dense clusters.

Like many msembs, Alionopsis schooneesii needs plenty of bright light with ample airflow to thrive, including sending up large yellow flowers with red striping during the winter growing season. The plant’s large taproot requires a slightly deeper pot with exceptional drainage and very porous soil, such as a commercially available cactus mix supplemented with pumice or perlite. Thorough watering only when the soil is completely dry is preferable, with even more reduced frequency during the summer dormancy period.

Despite its winter growth cycle, this variety is not hardy to cold temperatures below Zone 10, and must be shielded from frost.

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