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Cereus 'Ming Thing'


A monstrose form of a Cereus cactus, Cereus 'Ming Thing' forms copious rich blue, sculptural stems, each covered in very short black spines and woolly areoles. Reaching up to 12 inches tall and wide, ‘Ming Thing’ will create an intriguing mass of foliage as it matures, making for a conversation-starting centerpiece to any succulent collection.

Like many cacti, ‘Ming Thing’ requires very little attention, so long as its basic needs are met. Bright light, thorough watering only when the soil has dried all the way through, and porous soil with adequate drainage will check nearly all of these boxes. Hardy only to Zone 9, this variety requires protection from frost during the winter months – and adequate airflow is especially important during this time, to avoid issues with dampness and rot.

While ‘Ming Thing’ rarely flowers until it is very mature, the gorgeous pink and white blooms make the wait more than worth it!

**Please Note: This plant is not available for wholesale**

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