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Sedum rubrotinctum 'Aurora'


Sedum 'Aurora', otherwise known as the ‘Pink Jelly Bean’ plant, is a variety of sedum from Mexico. With a taller growth habit that will begin to drape as each stem reaches its full length, ‘Aurora’ features rounded, lime green leaves with hot pink tips – the tone of which will deepen in bright sunlight. While each stem reaches a height of only six inches tall, the clumping nature of this plant means that it can readily fill a pot or corner of the rock garden (in temperate climates) of up to three feet wide!

As indicated by its native arid habitat, ‘Aurora’ prefers sunny and dry conditions – bright light and the ‘soak and dry’ watering method, coupled with porous soil in a well-draining pot, will go a long way towards keeping this variety content. Additionally, adequate airflow will also help to ensure that the closely packed leaves do not succumb to rot or pests. With the proper care, you will be rewarded with delicate yellow flower clusters each spring.

While overall an extremely hardy plant, ‘Aurora’s leaves can be easily dislodged from the stem when jostled – though if the fallen leaves are placed onto moist soil, they will quickly root and begin to form a new propagation! This variety must also be protected from frost, as it cannot withstand winter temperatures below Zone 10.

If pets or small children share a home with ‘Aurora,’ it is important to note that this plant may cause mild gastric distress if ingested.

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