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Graptopetalum paraguayense 'Ghost Plant' variegata


Similar in leaf shape and growth form to its non-variegated cousin, Graptopetalum paraguayense 'Ghost Plant' variegata heavy, creamy yellow variegation on its innermost leaves, which then deepen to a mauve and olive hue from the inside out as the leaves mature. The spade-shaped leaves come to sharp points at the tip, and a thick coating of powdery farina adds to the ‘ghostly’ ambiance. Reaching about 6 inches in height and width, the rosettes of this Mexican native make for an exceptional addition to container arrangements or temperate rock gardens, and a tendency to offset readily will have ‘Ghost Plant Variegata’ making a big statement in no time.

Despite its otherworldly appearance, ‘Ghost Plant Variegata’ is actually quite simple to grow, and will flourish even for beginner growers given a few easy steps. Bright sunlight will bring out the best coloration and most compact growth form – though it is important to note that the reduction in chlorophyll caused by its variegation renders it less shade tolerant than its non-variegated counterpart. As is the case with most succulents, avoiding overwatering is key, so be sure to follow the ‘soak and dry’ method, in conjunction with a porous soil mixture, a well-draining pot, and ample airflow around the leaves and soil surface.

Hardy only to Zone 10, it is critical to protect ‘Ghost Plant Variegata’ from freezing temperatures. In exchange, you can expect this variety to send up stalks of star-shaped white blooms during the summer growing season.

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