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Sedum 'Burro's Tail'


Native to Mexico and Honduras, ‘Burro’s Tail’ was brought to the United States as a houseplant in the 1930s by an American botanist traveling within Central America. A bright green trailing succulent with very delicate, oblong leaves, ‘Burro’s Tail’ is excellent for hanging planters or as a fun “spiller” component in an arrangement.  More fragile than other succulents, this plant can be quick to drop its leaves in less than ideal conditions. When content, however, its stems can easily grow to 2 feet or more in length!

Like many succulents, ‘Burro’s Tail’ prefers regular and thorough watering, testing the well-draining soil for dryness each time. The frequency of these waterings may increase during the warm months, which also coincide with ‘Burro’s Tail’s active growing season. While bright light is a must for this succulent to maintain sturdy and un-stretched stems, morning sun is ideal, as opposed to the scorching afternoon sun. Bright light is especially important in the spring, to encourage the plants red, white, or yellow flowers to come into bloom.

Repotting a mature ‘Burro’s Tail’ plant can be risky, due to the fragile nature of the leaves and long stems, so it is best to select an appropriately sized pot with exceptional drainage while the plant is still relatively compact. Furthermore, make sure to protect these chubby leaves from frost, as they are very prone to scarring and leaf drop in colder temperatures. 

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