Aloe 'AJR'

Aloe 'AJR' is green with candy apple red striations, raised bumps along the surface of each leaf, teeth around the margins, and can reach a mature size of up to 2 feet tall and wide! Uniquely for plants of this genus, Aloe ‘AJR’ is also a frequent bloomer, sending up flower stalks laced with yellow and orange blooms that are magnets for butterflies and hummingbirds. Equally at home in a container or directly in the temperate landscape, this variety is sure to stand out within any succulent collection.

In order to encourage growth and blooming, it is best to situate ‘AJR’ in full sun – though it can tolerate part sun conditions as well. Due to the volume of water stored within its thick leaves, infrequent but thorough watering is best, and the leaves will begin to soften slightly when the plant requires a good drink. A porous soil mixture in a well-draining pot will also help to stave off rot and pests, as will ample airflow around the leaves and soil surface. Take care to protect ‘AJR’ from frost during the winter months, as it is only hardy to Zone 10.

    **This plant is not available for wholesale**