Anacampseros telephiastrum variegata 'Sunrise'


Living up to its name, Anacampseros telephiastrum variegata 'Sunrise' is a stunning succulent native to South Africa. With leaves boasting shades of rose, lime, and emerald green – further accented by white filaments, or hairs, that grow from the stems of the plant – this beauty will reach about 6 inches in height and width, though offsets have the potential to expand its impact even further.

 In a rock garden or terrarium, the rosettes will begin to create a dense mat of foliage, but in a pot they will begin to creep over the edges, creating a lovely “spiller” effect. It can be quite a slow grower – though if given the chance, it may begin to develop a caudex, which uniquely resembles a swollen “trunk” where the base of the plant meets the soil.  Adding to the already spectacular show put on by its foliage, look for large pink flowers in the summer months, which open during the daytime and close their petals come nightfall.

Despite its South African origins, Anacampseros 'Sunrise' does not do well in intense heat or strong sunlight, so be sure to give this succulent plenty of bright but filtered light. A proneness to rot when overwatered means this plant should be potted in porous soil with adequate drainage, and watered thoroughly only when the soil is completely dry. Hardy to zone 10a, this succulent must be protected from frost.