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Graptoveria 'Moonglow'


The upright, chubby leaves of Graptoveria ‘Moonglow’s rosettes create the backdrop for an absolutely mesmerizing display of pastel color. The innermost portion of each leaf features a creamy bluish green tone, which radiates into hues of magenta and lilac towards the margins when amply ‘stressed’. Furthermore, thanks to a powdery layer of farina, these already stunning colors are softened further, lending the plant a hazy and ethereal look that is sure to pop within any succulent collection.

Capable of reaching up to 10 inches in diameter, ‘Moonglow’ will realize its best growth and richest coloration when exposed to plenty of bright sunlight, reverting to more green tones when subjected to shadier conditions. Like all fleshy succulents, it is important not to overwater, as excess moisture can readily lead to rot or pest infestation. To avoid this fate, be sure to provide ‘Moonglow’ with a porous soil mixture, a well-draining pot, and a thorough but infrequent watering routine.

During the winter months, shield these thick leaves from damaging frost – and as the seasons shift toward summer, you will be rewarded with short stalks of bell-shaped orange blooms, creating the perfect contrast to ‘Moonglow’s pastel rosettes!

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