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Echeveria 'Blue Prince'


Echeveria 'Blue Prince' features dark, blue-grey leaves that form the perfect rosette shape. This succulent is so gorgeous in person, and it only gets better when exposed to bright light – an adequate amount of “sun stress” can even encourage ‘Blue Prince’s rosettes to blush pink! Each rosette can grow up to six inches wide, making it a great focal point in a potted succulent arrangement.

Echeveria 'Blue Prince' needs plenty of bright sunlight to maintain its color and avoid etiolating, or stretching. Combined with ample airflow, porous soil with great drainage, and thorough watering only when the soil is completely dry, this unique succulent is likely to thrive as part of your collection – and will even send up stalks of red or pink blooms to reward your efforts! Care must also be taken to water at soil level, rather than by pouring water directly over the rosette, as droplets left sitting between the leaves can predispose the plant to rot.

Hardy only to Zone 9, be sure to protect these fleshy leaves from extreme temperatures like severe heat and frost, to avoid sunburn or scarring.

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