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Echeveria 'Chroma'


Resembling a sunset in plant form, Echeveria 'Chroma' forms rosettes of multi-hued leaves, featuring colors ranging from dark purple to bronze to peach to green! This particular Echeveria has a much shrubbier growth habit than most succulents of this type, quickly branching out to form a plant with several distinct “limbs”. ‘Chroma’s colors are prone to shifting with the seasons, putting on even more of a show as the shades of its leaves transition through their full range.

Native to Mexico and Central America, Echeveria 'Chroma' needs very bright light in order to maintain its coloration and to prevent the rosettes from etiolating, or stretching. Porous soil with excellent drainage is a must, as is thorough watering only when the soil is completely dry. Take care not to let water sit between the leaves, as it will predispose the plant to rot, and remove any dead leaves from the bottom of the rosettes regularly to ward off pests such as mealy bugs. Hardy only to Zone 9, these fleshy leaves need to be protected from frost in colder months.

When provided with the right conditions, each year ‘Chroma’ will send up a tall bloom stalk from which yellow, bell-shaped flowers will emerge – and are known to attract hummingbirds!

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