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Senecio radicans 'String of Bananas'


A prodigious trailing variety, named for its banana-shaped leaves, Senecio radicans 'String of Bananas' puts on new growth quickly when provided with the right growing conditions. With stems reaching up to 3 feet long at maturity, ‘String of Bananas’ makes for a gorgeous hanging basket, or as the ‘spiller’ component of a succulent arrangement.

Native to the harsh and rugged environments of southern Africa, where it creeps along the rocky ground, this variety is overall more tolerant than some of its cousins, like the ‘String of Pearls’. ‘String of Bananas’ does well in indirect or filtered sun, to avoid burning, and has typical water needs for a succulent. The ‘soak and dry’ method will ensure that overwatering does not become an issue – especially in the winter months, when damp soil is particularly risky to the plant’s health – as will a porous soil mix in a well-draining pot. Care should be taken not to excessively bump or jostle the stems, to prevent the leaves from being knocked off, and ‘String of Bananas’ must be protected from frosty temperatures during the cooler seasons.

In the fall and winter months, expect this variety to send out multiple pom-pom shaped flowers, which are scented with the aroma of cinnamon!

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